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Zdravookhraneniye 2019|EMP does not forget his original heart and embarks on a new journey

December once again ushered in the annual Russian International Medical exhibition, which was grandly held in Moscow, which has a long history, integrates politics, economy, culture and finance and is also known as the "capital in the forest". Zdravokhraneniye' is the largest, most professional and most far-reaching medical exhibition in Russia.

The Desktop Color Doppler Ultrasound G76 with 4D imaging, Notebook Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound G30 and Portable B-Ultrasound N5 with PDI function opened the prelude to the exhibition!

Analog to Digital, from Black and White to Color, from Desktop to Portable

EMP adheres to independent R & D and design, and continues to move forward towards 5g and AI era in the Internet era, just to bring customers the best experience.

In 2019, EMP will not forget its original intention and start a new journey!




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