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​Veterinary Imaging Solutions

In the 21st century, with the intimacy and companionship of the relationship between men and animals, veterinary imaging has been widely adapted. Veterinary imaging has made continuous advancement in clinical application and technical precision. Our influence in the field of veterinary technology continues to increase, specialty in farms, veterinary universities, veterinary clinics, pet hospitals, zoos, and animal research institutions.


Ultrasound · Farm Animals

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Ultrasound, as the first assistant of veterinary diagnosis, can accurately monitor the fertilization, pregnancy, childbirth and routine inspection of livestock. Its friendly operation interface and efficient and accurate inspection results have become an indispensable choice in veterinary diagnosis.

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Digital Radiography · Companion Animals

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Professional pet cloud platform system, EMP veterinary DR is designed with high frequency transmitter to prevent system instability. Amorphous silicon cesium iodide flat panel detector, low-dose and high-stability imaging, excellent molding performance in full field of view and low exposure. Near-station operation, easy to operate, support report output, and maximize staff convenience to protect the health of animals.

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Ultrasound · Racing Animals

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For racing animals, diagnostic ultrasound is used to evaluate soft tissue and tendon injuries in horses and other racing species. EMP ultrasound help practitioner accurately diagnose the damage of animal parts, and display details on high resolution screen.

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Computed Tomography · Companion Animals

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EMP veterinary CT adopts a large-caliber machine design with a compact appearance design, which is convenient for veterinarians to manage. The implementation of a low-dose green platform facilitates rapid imaging, shortens the detection time, and reduces the amount of anesthesia required for animals.

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Ultrasound · Companion Animals

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High-sensitivity diagnosis can accurately check the animal's physical condition and heart function. As an irreplaceable medical assistant, ultrasound helps veterinarians accurately diagnose diseases in animals. We are committed to continuously advancing in the field of veterinary medicine, assure that the animals get the best healthcare.

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Megnetic Resonance · Companion Animals

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The non-invasive imaging tool gives the companion animal a sufficient sense of security. Safe, accurate and fast. MRI can quickly and accurately provide clinical examination results, which serves to be the best helper for veterinary diagnosis.

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In-Vitro Diagnostic 

IVD testing provides accurate results in a timely manner. We provide full range of veterinary diagnosis products including chemistry analyzer, hematology analysis, immunoassay, urine analyzer, molecular solution. We support clinics a comprehensive diagnosis program to protect the health and safety of animals and the caring interests of their owners.

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OR Solutions 

Through professional and complete supporting medical equipment, EMP provides pet hospitals with overall solutions for operating rooms, ensuring animals a safe and comforting operation room.

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