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MEDICA2019 | New chapter, New journey

2019 MEDICA arrived on the Rhine River as scheduled. MEDICA, as the vane of the medical industry, is also a world-renowned comprehensive medical forum. From November 18 to November 21, it attracted more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world, and more than 8,000 companies participated. Shenzhen Enpu meets you with a brand new look. We still maintain our passion for ultrasound, innovation in technology, and dedication to customers, and we continue to move forward. Thank you for meeting you during the four-day grand medical carnival.

EMP came here in orange and red. The chapter in orange and red represents the sincere respect of the industry for which EMP has been fighting for 23 years. We will always be passionate, never forget our original intention, and make unremitting efforts for the cause we love. Use the power of EMP to help the rise of national brands and contribute to the world's health cause.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the production environment, equipment, methods, and technology of the company are constantly being updated. People have higher and higher requirements for product quality and product technology. In order to meet the needs of the larger market, we are also focusing on products and technology. Continuous improvement in research and development. During the exhibition, customers from all over the world came to the booth to experience the products. The stable product performance and clear image quality once made the customers who came to experience the products feel very satisfied.

From analog to digital, from black and white to color, from desktop to portable

Shenzhen EMP adheres to independent R&D and design, and is striding forward to the 5G and AI era in the Internet era, just to bring customers the best experience.




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