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A review of the 71st CMEF International Medical Equipment Exhibition

EMP Medical, the leader in

The era of color Doppler ultrasound popularization The 71st China International Medical Equipment Exhibition (CMEF) grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 17th. As the leader of the era of color Doppler ultrasound, EMP was on display at the exhibition. A variety of color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic systems has been developed. Let customers know the new achievements of medical technology from zero distance, and appreciate the latest product technology in the digital industry.

This exhibition attracted more than 3,000 domestic and foreign companies to participate in this exhibition. With the slogan "China National Color Doppler Ultrasound Brand Leading the Popularization of Color Doppler Ultrasound!" as the slogan, Enpu Company made its debut with digital products in three major areas. At this exhibition, Enpu Company solemnly promised to the outside world that color Doppler ultrasound products will be guaranteed for three years, becoming the industry's first A company with a three-year warranty for color Doppler ultrasound host once again demonstrated to the industry EMP demeanor as a leader in national medical care!

EMP products participating in the exhibition are divided into three major areas: ultrasound, gynecological hysterosurgery equipment, and biochemical inspection products. Ultrasound products: color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment G70, G60, EMP-3000, G30 (notebook), all Digital ultrasonic diagnostic equipment EMP-2960, EMP-2800, Portable Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment N5, N3, V9 (for veterinary use); Gynecological uterine surgery instrument products: EMP-5800, EMP-5600; Biochemical inspection products: Fully automatic biochemical analyzer A8030, Semi-automatic Biochemical Analyzer EMP-168, Palm Urine Analyzer Ui, Enzyme label Analyzer M201, Automatic Plate Washer W206. Among them, the most eye-catching series of color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment, all of which are independently developed and produced by Enpu, have the characteristics of reliable product quality, clear pictures, stable system, and reasonable price, which have won a large number of exhibitors and professional in related fields. The unanimous approval of the people.




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