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Veterinary Trolley Color Doppler

Ultrasound System

The new generation of G-series trolley ultrasound diagnostic equipment provides abdominal and cardiac diagnostic solutions for high-end medical needs. EMP G76vet is committed to provide complete solutions for veterinary healthcare. From animal preset parameters, hardware facilities to various transducers, it fits the clinical requirements of veterinary diagnosis, and has been the best choice for doctors to facilitate operation and accurate diagnosis.


eSpeed One Key Optimization

Automatic acoustic adjustment for optimal image by multiple and retrospective channel smart data processing


eView Panoramic Imaging

Panoramic imaging broadens the scope of view in diagnosis by sequentially aligning individual images in their anatomical context.

eFCI 频率复合技术.png

eFCI  Frequency Compound Imaging

Delivers imaging with high resolution at different depth through allowing simultaneous transmission of high & low echo frequencies


eSCI Spatial Compound Imaging

A number of co-planar, tomographic ultrasound images of an object are obtained from different directions to form a single compounded image. Its result would show significantly reduction in the speckle, clutter, and other acoustic artifacts.


eHelper Ultrasound  Education Assistant

Covering multiple clinical applications such as abdomen, small organs, urology and gynecology, providing professional scanning techniques, reference atlas, standardized ultrasound image examples, help beginner clinicians to learn and improve the accuracy of case screening.

Anatomica M mode.png

Anatomic M Mode

The all-round anatomical M-type can avoid the diagnosis problems caused by the patient's special position of the heart and thoracic deformities. It can quickly obtain the standard sampling section and obtain accurate measurement data and information. When observing the motion curves of different positions of the heart in the same cardiac cycle, measurement and analysis can be carried out in this mode, the whole heart function report can be automatically generated, and the TEI index measurement can be completed quickly


eTHI Tissue Doppler

Tissue Doppler mode, including TVI, TEI and other cardiac wall and valve motion measurement provides a professional analysis tool kit.

Continuous Wave Doppler Imaging

The continuous doppler technology can effectively measure the high-speed reflux information of the diseased heart, and the expanded pulse doppler technology can measure the upper limit of blood flow velocity.

Stress Echocardiography

Use of Echocardiography to compare the ultrasound findings of the load state and the resting state to understand the response of the patient's cardiovascular system .

Professional Veterinary Software Package

From experiences of veterinary needs from all over the world, EMP developed professional veterinary department software package, focusing on the most widely used clinical needs of the abdomen and superficial areas, from parameter presets to measurement kits for different animal types, providing veterinarians with trusted diagnostic system.

Veterinary Patented Automatic Measurement Technology

The patented automatic measurement software improves the efficiency of examinations and makes the measurement simple in one touch.

Veterinary Probe Group

The high frequency micro convex probe makes the pet's whole body application to the extreme.

The high frequency miniature linear array probe is designed for exotic pets, which better balances resolution and penetration.

High frequency phased array probe for pet heart screening, providing high-definition, high-sensitivity image details.

Volumetric probe aimed at animal obstetrics applications, real-time display of delicate four-dimensional imaging.