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On the road of escorting life and health, the only direction of travel is safe and effective medical equipment. We must not only bring high-quality products to customers, but also take on the responsibility of product life cycle and quality system with professional services. The equipment can better serve the medical staff, and the medical staff can better serve the patients. We focus on the attention of the medical staff, think about what they want, and do what they need. We have always used a professional attitude and ability to ensure the stable operation of medical equipment, so that the power of closeness has a long history. Service creates value.


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Service · New Technology

Science and technology are changing with each passing day, knowledge is constantly changing, and clinical needs are also changing rapidly. EMP technology is constantly updating with more advanced technology platform built with strong scientific and technological strength. The functions and performance of the purchased equipment can be upgraded to ensure that every equipment produced by EMP can be kept up to new advancement of technology.

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Service · Borderless

The company's service network is all over the world, over 5 continents and 100 regions. Distributor covering more than 100 countries and regions have received and passed the EMP complete service training, we respond promptly and quickly to your need.

Maintenance service center: professional maintenance personnel are on call all day, support by experts, video online training. Customer information management system and regular telephone return visits ensure to provide customers with professional service equipment maintenance.

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Service · Adequate Inventory

Spare Parts Center: Three-level spare parts warehouses for offices and special maintenance stations to ensure the timely supply of key spare parts required for maintenance and lifetime guarantee.

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Service · Full Solutions

EMP provides a comprehensive and complete client training institution

Precise demand, Direct training, Evaluation, Practical application, Business model

Assure your business always backed by full solution.

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Service · Continued Education

EMP provides a complete set of clinical programs with full equipment and systematic training for the difficulties may encounter.

1. Product usage training

2. Clinical training: guest experts or experts in related fields will be invited to conduct systematic training

In addition to lifelong care of equipment safety, providing a full series clinical solution, providing comprehensive knowledge training, and avoiding medical risks.


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