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EMP shines at South Africa International Medical Exhibition

The three-day 8th South Africa International Medical Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened in Johannesburg on May 29, 2018. The exhibition attracted nearly 600 international and regional medical industry suppliers, manufacturers and service providers with an unprecedented scale. As a 21-year medical company focusing on self-developed ultrasound in the field of ultrasound, Enpu Medical was invited to South Africa to participate.

South Africa, a middle-income country with a population of nearly 50 million, spends 8.5% of its GDP on health care. The government’s principle is to ensure that every South African has equal rights to health care and medical treatment. Under the guidance of this principle, in the ranking of government-funded industries, the funding received by the healthcare industry has risen from third to first.

Facing the huge business opportunities presented by the African medical market, the equipment exhibited by EMP this time has been favored by many new and old customers. Many customers who participated in the exhibition deeply praised our product quality, service platform, and expressed great interest in the products exhibited by our company this time, hoping to carry out in-depth cooperation through this opportunity. In this exhibition, while reaching cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers, we also conducted friendly exchanges with colleagues through this exhibition, made many new friends, learned about the latest market situation in the medical industry, and will also promote future development. Here comes a new opportunity.

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